What size shed?

Well a fair while ago sheds were made to suit sheet widths which ended up with really strange spans and lengths, then came the standards. 6m x 6m, 9m x 6m and so on. Now the choice is nearly endless. The choice and size of your shed is up to you. We don’t have standard sizes anymore as every shed is designed exactly to the dimensions which suit you. So basically its important for you to understand what the reason is for getting a shed, what will you put in it, what might you need in the future. For instance do you need high roller door clearances for a caravan/boat, one bay longer than the other, one large roller door instead of 2 small doors.

It is true that some new designs/measurements may suit components better such as a shed which has a 6.21m span x 7m long with a 5m roller door in the 6.21m end. The reason is that with a 100mm wall girt and a 200mm portal frame (which also acts as a roller door jamb) plus a 5m wide roller door opening that you end up with a span of 6.21m which in essence is more economical then getting a 6m shed with 2 small roller doors.

Most people come in asking for the price on a standard shed but after a brief discussion the standard size goes out the window and the new more practical design emerges. Council do have some control over our imagination (I’d love a 30m x 15m shed in my backyard at Ruddell Street, not really going to happen) so the choices aren’t endless nevertheless programs nowadays let us have a fair bit of flexibility.

Eave height (wall height) is another quandary. Older sheds used to be nearly all 2.4m high with a 2.1m roller door clearance. Nowadays with 4wd’s and larger SUV’s, boats, caravans etc a 2.1m high door is impracticable. We believe a base height of 2.8m at the eave allows for more flexibility and higher roller door clearance of 2.4m which would suit most 4wd’s and SUV’s. Once again council do have some restrictions on height which I will endeavour to clarify in another post.

So when you come into our office or contact us, our friendly staff will ask you a few questions to make sure you get what you want. After all we love talking about sheds and helping people.

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